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Morrigan by Maryna Khomenko ©
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I’m sorry, I’m really a mess right now
I’m trying my best to get it together somehow
I can’t see this way, locked up in this pain that you left me
I’m unraveling, looking for things that’ll never be

Stars fade away they just crash into space
Disappear from the light like you and I

Tell me where love goes when it’s gone
Tell me where hearts go when they go wrong
Suddenly someone is no one I’ve come

I’m sorry, I let me fall for you
I can erase you and forget you but I can’t undo you
You’re the hand I can’t hold, the words I’m not told when I’m lonely
And I don’t want you back, I just want to have what you took from me

I’ll come around again
I know it’s not the end
But right now I’ve got nowhere to begin

Nothing but emptiness inside
Love leaves a black hole where it dies
How can I ever love again, I’ve come

Undone by Haley Reinhart
Never feel guilty about something that makes you happy
(via fluerly)